Daily, I get asked the same question – “What can I use your soap for?”

You can use my soap for literally anything…. Seriously !!

Check it out – I got an email from one of you! 


I have really enjoyed your soap. I seem to now use it for almost everything.  I keep a bar on the bathroom sink, in the shower and now on the kitchen sink. The new thing I have started doing is soaping up my dish/pot scrub/sponge to wash my dishes pots and pans.  At first I wasn’t sure it would work well, but my surprise, my dish and pans seem to clean up better and I no longer have any smelly sponges/scrub pads. Since I am washing my hands after yard work, working on RV, why not just use on type of soap to do the dishes.  I also don’t use shampoo and only wash my hair with your soap too.  Your soap goes a long ways.

Thank You for a great product.


P.S. I haven’t tried washing my truck with your soap yet.  LOL”

I love reading all of your feedback! 

I have used my soap for everything. In my bathroom, I keep them stacked in the shower. In the kitchen, we have multiple bars in every sink. I even keep them in my glovebox in my car – to give to friends and keep my car smelling delicious!! 

You can NEVER have too much soap!

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