I watched, as the concrete urban jungle turned to greenery. Nothing of the Amazon, but trees draped over streets, creating lush escapes from the buzzing city. I had been wanting to visit Whittier College for more than a year now – this was my first official college visit. 

The admissions office welcomed me kindly. I was soon immersed into the deep diversity of the campus. People with obviously distinct characteristics surrounded me. Everyone was an individual – no fear of judgement, exclusion, or lack of representation. 

My skin itched to know more. I wanted to explore the entire campus – millions of dollars worth of renovations made campus sparkle. The new science building perched above me. The glass walls glistened in the sunlight, as the birds chirped ‘good morning!’

Planning my future is vital to my life, right now. Advancements and progressions within my education and soap-world leave no room for mistakes. I must precariously make decisions, based on supported facts and responsibilities. 

While attending Whittier, I must manage soap production from a distance. Before beginning my own life, I must teach my mom to make soap!

Confident in my mom’s lab skills, I will be sure to continue my education with goal-oriented and incentivized motives. 

Committed to Handmade Soap Club and Whittier College, my future shines. I look forward to progressing and advancing my abilities throughout the working world.