We’ve all experienced those days when our necks ache from sitting at a desk and our legs fall asleep from hours of sitting down.  Since August, that’s been my life.  I’ve been in a classroom, listening to my teachers lecture for nine months.  That was followed by too much homework and not enough sleep.

I’m done!

Last week, the sun rose and my legs came back to life. I worked hard and ended my freshman year on a good note.

My eyes have a fresh glow.  I now wake up to the summer sun shining through my blinds. It hits my blankets just perfectly and lights up my entire room. Relaxation and happiness fill my days like the sun spreads across the morning horizon. The heat warms my soul and I welcome summer as if I’ve never experienced it before.  I have my freedom.

Now, it’s all about the pool, basking in the sun, and enjoying the present time with friends, family and Handmade Soap Club.  I’ll be working on my “Superstar Bars.”

My most popular bar to date is the Spa Bar.  Made from organic oils of olive, sustainable palm kernel, shea butter, castor and tallow it has a 7% super fat and is scented with essential oils of eucalyptus.  Gentle to the face and body, it can also be used to clean your toothbrush as well as your t-shirt or underwear while on travel.

Down time can’t last forever, though.  In the mix of all this freedom and “luxury,” I’m preparing for my biggest competition, ever.  I’ve been weightlifting for almost a year, and last week I qualified for Junior Nationals.

Walking to my platform, 150 people watched on as I loaded up my clean and snatch.  I had to lift more than I’ve ever done.  Tuning everyone out, I gave every ounce of muscle to preform the most challenging of olympic weightlifting techniques.  Used for centuries to measure strength and stamina, the judges watched intently as I threw myself under the bar.  Dropping underneath it even more, I got it over my head.  The judges lights flashed, signaling my success.  The crowd cheered on in excitement.  I think I’m gonna like this.

In late June, I’ll be traveling to Austin, Texas to compete against 12 of the best girls in my weight class!  Stay tuned! I’m training three times a week and am on a strict diet to ensure I perform at my best. I must maintain my power to weight ratio as I climb the ladder to be a national champion.

I hope everyone else is having a summer as great as mine. Enjoy the time you have and embrace the opportunities you are given. Climb to the top and strive to be the best person you can be.