When it comes to my lifting competitions, making weight is
the first step..and I do that by avoiding sugar and chemicals in my food.

Most of my peers are always talking about calories or fat, never
the real things causing massive weight gain. My dad taught me, “If it
tastes sweet spit it out and never eat anything out of a box or window.”

It’s pretty simple and it works.

Plus it ensures that I don’t get addicted to chemical rich, sugary food!

When sugar reaches the brain, it triggers the same emotional nerves as
cocaine and other illegal drugs. I’ve seen this first hand.

In high school, we have these “spirit days,” where everyone dresses up
based on the theme for that day. A common theme tends to be “Toddler
Tuesday.” Students wear tutus, put their hair in pigtails, wear mismatching
socks, and typically have way too much candy. This is supposed to be a
so called toddler?

To make my point more clear, let’s compare this toddler to a crackhead.

Sugar has had the same effect on a toddler, as cocaine on a grown adult:
I see the same wide smile, wacky hair, and immature, unstable attitude.

Pretty sad…and the onslaught to our hormones can last forever.

Soap has been corrupted, too!

Most people think of it as benign…yet, most soaps today – even
the “organic” ones – are loaded with hormone disruptors, which my
dad also taught me about:

Sodium laurel sulfate (SLS)
Diethanolamine (or DEA)

He showed me that a research team writing for the Proceedings of the
National Academy of Sciences found that long-term exposure to
such chemicals – especially triclosan – could cause cancer and liver fibrosis!

Look at any soap today – except my luxury bars of course – and you’ll find
these chemicals listed on the labels…even the so-called organic bars are
doused with cancer-causing perfumes!

…The more I learn about chemistry, the more I see how amazing my soap
is. Not only is it a great escape, but it’s also a must have for anyone
who wants to be healthy, just like making weight is a must for being the
best weight lifter in the US!

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