“How can I be better today?” I’m sure that most of us ask ourselves something along that line pretty often, because who doesn’t wanna be the best they can be? All my life, my parents have pushed me to be better but what exactly does ‘better’ mean?

I was scrolling through my twitter feed New Year’s Eve, and suddenly I began seeing all of these “New year, new me” posts’.  I realized it didn’t make any sense! Why would I become a new person just because of time?

Personally, I would like to improve myself and learn from my mistakes. I want to follow through with what my parents have always told me, “Aim for better.”  And I don’t want to do it based on some point on a calendar.  I want it now and always.

Putting this into perspective, let’s say you buy a gym membership as your new year’s resolution. You say “Yay! New year, new me! Let’s try to get into shape, again.” You stick with your goal for about two weeks and say “Alright we will just try again next year.” As the year continues, you gain some weight and begin getting hospital bills, because you have stopped taking care of yourself. This process continues every single year!

I say, lets stop the bad habits of using the year or a specific point in time to try again.  Just do it now! Lets decide what we want, and get it done now! Fix those business mistakes and do it right. Go to the gym and take care of yourself.

I was cleaning out my room the other day, to improve upon my past mistakes of not being organized enough. I found a poem that I wrote in middle school about motivation and self-drive to be the best. It motivated me to push even harder every single day. Start now!

My wings unfold.

It brings a pounding and a stutter.

A sense of simplicity;

A moving moment.

One word…

No apprehension;

No toxicity;

A life-saving invention.

A bandage for the anguished,

The stranded,

And the isolated.

I’ve virtually landed on a secure base:

Built for the eccentric and unbranded.

Mended together beyond space. 

Start Now, By Lily E