Making a good batch of soap can take about 5 hours.

Once that’s done, it takes another 6 weeks to cure.  This is where the soap settles into its final shape, color, and aroma.

It’s definitely a labor of love…NOT for the weak, lazy, or impatient!

When soap fails, you’ve basically wasted a huge chunk of time that you can never get back. For that reason, I approach soaping the same way I approach life:

Work for success.

Twenty five years ago, when I was young and broke, success seemed too far off.  Too esoteric.  Pricey materialism came at a cost that I couldn’t comprehend.  My lack of talent wasn’t going to open doors or score any “signing deals.”  So I changed my thinking based on what my wrestling coach taught me – never be out hustled.  That made me look at success as something performed, not something attained.

From that point on, I worked for success in everything I did.  It didn’t matter if I was making my bed, reading a book, bagging groceries, packing someones house for a move, cleaning a fryer, or mopping a bathroom, I did everything to the best of my ability, with enthusiasm. Or else I didn’t do it.

No type of work was beneath me. Every task was an opportunity to practice pouring my best into it.

Within minutes of making that decision, I was pretty much celebrating my success.  A perfectly packed shopping bag, with apples and milk on bottom, bread on top was a victory.  A shiny new floor was admired.  Acing my calculus test was another notch.  It all added up.

Suddenly, wins were all around me.…even when it seemed that the current version of myself was an interstellar-galactic distance from the “successful” me.  I convinced myself that my thoughts and actions of being victorious would eventually crystallize into reality.

Suddenly, opportunities snuck up in the craziest of places and times.  A college scholarship, an opportunity for extra study time, a chance to wrestle varsity as a college freshman, true love, another scholarship to graduate school… I became a willing slave to finding opportunity. And every opportunity was pollinated with hustle.

Everything outside of work had to go – people, drama, unwarranted rest and relaxation.  There was never any down time with opportunity circling all around.  The difference between winning and losing was usually only a millisecond.  If you’re not ready to move, it’s gone forever.

In time, never being out-hustled served as the co-creator of my redefinition of success for more than two decades…Dazed and confused by everyday minutiae of social media, news, advertising and government propaganda, most people miss their opportunity.  In the end, losing a batch of soap is a hell of a lot easier than losing a lifetime.  Remembering this, makes soaping a practice in success.