Last night, I put a pit bull in a headlock. It was viciously attacking a
fluffy cat.

I could feel the dog’s muscles flexing to break my grips. Out of nowhere,
another dog joined the fight.  I started crying.

I shoved the rabid beast against the wall with my foot.  One locked in my
arms, the other pinned down, I yelled to my friend for help. (Being a
top powerlifter really helped me here…)

…We were making a short stop to say hi to a friend. That’s when the
chaos ensued.

It’s so easy to get sidetracked in life with crazy happenings.

Fluffy the cat got nabbed…But my friend and I escaped unharmed
thanks to my choke hold and quick footwork…

Between cat hungry dogs, social media, my phone and school, there’s all
kinds of distractions in life. But, one thing that always grounds me is my
soap business.

I soap no matter what. That’s my motto.

Living by this ethos has kept me organized and stable. And enabled me
to provide a one-of-a kind service for over 3 years!

Every month, I gain more and more soap lovers! It brings a smile to my face
when I see all the positive comments:

“I enjoy pure products and due to allergy issues i search for these
products. and i’m enjoying all the great fragrances.”

“I love the Charcoal bar. The lemon zest is also fabulous! The smell of
your soaps just makes me happy.”

I owe it all to my members. Thanks so much for being such huge fans of my
soap and telling your loved ones!