I went to school bright and early this morning. I walked out during my
third class. I text my dad to come get me.

My teachers think I am a bad kid that needs to be “drug tested” for not
paying attention. Plus, apparently, I was “giving up” halfway through the
school day…My dad said, “Don’t worry about it, I gave up on public
education at 14 years old…”

Meanwhile, my friends are sitting in a dull classroom listening to how
concussions lead to suicide, and being told by the teachers that they are
gonna fail the Arizona State Test.

Unfair, don’t you think?

Now, it’s 10:39am and I’m laying by the pool with my parents. I
see it as a much need hour break, then I’ll get back to my soap
business…and other things far more important…I have a national title to
uphold, track to improve upon, and some soaps that will one day make me a
better income than all the teachers that tell me I will be a failure.

Yesterday, finishing up another state test, I walked into math a few
minutes late. Asking for a pass and then saying I don’t have one, my
teacher immediately glares at me. I slide into my desk and put my hand on
my head. “Do I need to send you to the nurse to drug test you? You
weren’t even taking the test.”

Immediately, I texted my parents.

“For that stupid class why would you take sleeping pills?” My dad
stated, with his inappropriate sense of charming humor. “You’d be
taking a stimulate, like f***ing Methamphetamine!!!!”

Failure? Hardly. I laugh just thinking how many teachers have told me that.

Note to adults: Threatening kids by calling them failures doesn’t work.
It just makes them hate you…It’s no wonder so many of my teachers are
divorced, overworked, without friends and underpaid. If you can’t value
yourself, how will you value, inspire and teach others?

Anyway, this coming Saturday, I compete in my last lifting competition
before USA Olympic Nationals. I have cut 10 pounds in two weeks to be
eligible for my weight class, 116. This challenge has been one of the
hardest I’ve encountered. Some eggs for breakfast, quinoa for lunch, and
tuna for dinner. No snacks. No sugar. No carbs. No dairy…no drinks with
calories. My parents watch me like a hawk.

Temptation is what separates champions from runner ups. I may not give 100%
in school, but i give all my energy to what I care about. Lifting, track,
and this soap company. Pushing harder and harder in the things I love makes
me happier than straight A’s ever could.

And I’m happy to say that April is a record breaking month! If you want
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