Last November, I hopped on a plane to Mexico. I did not return for a month. 

I could hear the water from the bay curling under itself. We had been under the same night sky for weeks. The coyotes howled me to sleep like the lullabies my dad used to sing when I got sick. 

I woke with the swaying motion under my skin from the sailboat the day before. After a bowl of cereal, my National Outdoor Leadership School group set on towards our next food ration. We had been running low on food.

Throughout my 22 day sailing expedition in Mexico, my day never consisted of my actions. The emotions I felt, knowledge I gained, and goodness I partook consumed me. Love and compassion surrounded, despite daily conflicts. Learning different ways of living gave new perspectives. Helping others in the field allowed selflessness to heighten.

To heighten my senses even more, I have decided to bless 2019 with a course in Alaska. There, I will be backpacking and sea kayaking up to 150 miles, over the course of 30 days. 

Such strenuous adventures allow me to search for my inner strengths and weaknesses. To build as a person, I must be aware of my personal morals, standards, and beliefs. Taken to heart, I stand strong to avoid outside influence – Just as I make soap!

Over the past few years, I have come up with a soap system. This soap system has allowed just one person, me, to efficiently make and deliver hundreds of luxury soap bars. This system never changes!! That is because IT WORKS! Check it out at 

Every batch of soap, and every spontaneous adventure comes with growth. 

I went from making 20 bars a batch, to making over 100 bars a batch. Each bar is handmade with love, in my garage! I never use any cancer – causing chemicals, and only use 100% essential oils. 

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