It is finally Friday, and I couldn’t be more relieved.

This week was crazy! As my first week back to school after winter break, teachers will not stop harassing me.

I get yelled at for everything!! 

I cannot go to the bathroom, when I need to pee. I cannot get out of my seat, without getting scolded. 

“Lily, shut up! I can hear you from across the room!” 

I simply say “okay,” and move on in annoyance.

On Monday, as I was walking off campus, I was asked to show my Student ID. Not having it in a convenient spot, I was told I wouldn’t be let onto campus again without it – Looks like I will be seeing a few absences on my schedule.

All I want to do is make soap. Literally. Nobody understands!!!

If I am late, I was tending to soap. If I am absent, I was making soap. 

Judgement from my teachers is common, particularly when they do not know about . 

From one of my teachers last semester, judgement and inferences hung over me like a cloud. 

I was judged for my absences and tardies, when in reality, I would simply rather be making soap, than watching Netflix. I never understood why she showed Netflix shows, in a government class. 

To put an end to her uneasy energy, I wrote a letter and gifted some soap; 

“Though I find myself less favorable in the eyes of my teachers, due to attendance, I have made soap my priority. In doing so, I have accomplished independence, entrepreneurial fluency, and the determination to build an empire. My financial stability has been solely independent since the age of 13. Confrontation with older, intimidating businessmen has improved my fluency in the business world. Handmade Soap Club is the root to a revolutionized skincare industry. 

In conclusion, I have set priorities. My business is my heart and soul. With so much effort and love poured into one project, I will protect it at all costs. I have sacrificed my social life and family time to be in my garage with my science experiment. I discovered that entrepreneurs are the happiest people on the planet—we hold power in our hands with the ability to construct precise aspirations.”

I have not seen this teacher, other than her awkward stares from across campus, since she received my Christmas present. 

I appreciate my teachers, and the effort they put into their work. Despite, I will not stand for judgment and false accusations about myself, or my life. In such case, I will make it crystal clear, that I am not a lazy bum, druggy, or other implied stereotype. 

I ditch class to make soap! 

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