We need to know where our products are coming from! You wouldn’t use an

unknown substance on your body just because it has a “lotion” label on it.

You wouldn’t drink bleach just because it had a “soda” label on it.


When it comes to large companies such as Bath and Body Works, Dove, and

other commercial brands, we do not exactly know what we are putting in our

bodies. Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain are all symptoms of

Hand Lotion Poisoning. Yes, it has a name. This results from ingestion of

common lotions by big companies. Chemicals such as Dimethicone, Paraffins

(waxes), and Petrolatum are the toxins involved in this mess. Though you’re

not ingesting our soaps, I know that I wouldn’t want to put anything on my

body with any potential to make me sick!


Now, imagine this: Soap so pure you can eat it! You can eat my soap. You

know exactly where your soap has been, and what it contains. No secrets.

I have made a video of my family and I packaging everything and getting

ready to ship out this Saturday. My favorite bar, honey, will be on your

door step soon! Take a close look into our soap family, and see just where

your soap is coming from.


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