The average life expectancy is 82 years. Everyone walking the earth is breathing, but not everyone is living. Many get distracted by little, worthless tasks. I think this prevents our society from taking the time to grow to their full potential…I’ve experienced it first hand.

A phone and social media is a massive distraction…At times, It cut me off from those around me and reality.  Like an alter ego pulling my emotional strings, I was being lulled by a false reality.

Today, society is constantly throwing shiny objects in our face.  It encourages a fake reality.  It forces us to look away from life.  Stare long enough and it redefines who we really are based on a parallel, electronic universe that doesn’t even exist…

Imagine a world without social media. Imagine a world without the Kardashians or other reality TV stars telling everyone that you have to have this and you must be that. Imagine not caring what other people think about your tweet or the car you drive…

What would walking the streets be like without photoshopped Hollywood telling generations how to look and act…what words we can say and can’t.

Imagine walking through work, school, a park or a festival. Now imagine walking while on your phone, mindlessly scrolling.  Face buried, you just missed a couple’s first kiss, someone’s birthday, a long lost friend walking by, a child’s first look at a flower, a new opportunity for a job or business idea, or even a life partner who enriches your life far beyond your phone…

Simple distractions are pointless and add no depth to who we really are.  We are all unique, flawless in our imperfections and original in our thoughts and actions.  But most of us don’t know that because phones and social media have crammed us all into a status quo box…There are very few originals alive.

That’s why I put my phone down as much as possible.

As you walk through life without distractions, you never miss out on living.

Don’t be that person who just breathes. Those who give up meaningless living, are those who reach their full potential and succeed.  Im reminding myself this as my sophomore year begins…I’m gonna get my butt up in the morning when the alarm goes off and watch the sunrise or sit with my yerba mate and take a moment to look around. I’ll pay special attention to where I’m at in life and what I want.  I’ll make goals so that breathing becomes an honor rather than a chore.  I’ll make my 82 years worth it by living with intent, not distractions.