Capturing The Moment

Capturing The Moment

At 3 years old, my parents put me on a snowboard. At 13, my dad put me in front of a recipe for success – soap making. Now 14, I enjoy nature while doing both. Snowboarding, I speed down admiring the mountains. Making soap, last night in my garage, I watched the sunset. Nothing makes … [Read more…]

Slow Down To Get Ahead

Like crafting a story out of thin air, soap making is a delicate process of creation. Do it wrong, it can ruin someones day. Unused Lye scars skin. Do it right, it can make the day. Good soap is an escape during a routine shower. When I taught Lily how to make soap, I stressed … [Read more…]

Making Trace Making Friends

Trace is a common word in soap making. It’s used to express when the oils have successfully combined with the lye to create soap. It is important to reach trace, so that the molecules of both lye and oils mix to create a safe, healthy, nourishing bar of soap. Otherwise, it’s wasted time and materials. There are three … [Read more…]

Gross: Early Soap

Before soap, people used urine. Urine had many uses, one of which being laundry detergent. It made clothes brighter, and removed stains. It killed germs and did the job, despite how gross it sounds. In 2800 B.C., the Babylonian people mastered the art of soap making. To create the medicinal substance, they boiled fats, such … [Read more…]

Failure to Success

The room was cold and smelled of chalk. It was a disaster. Paper and pencils were scattered on the floor and tables. The desks were covered in cartoons, drawn by students. This teacher could not keep us under control. He was a substitute for my usual teacher who was due to give birth. I am … [Read more…]