Competing at Weight Lifting Nationals 2016!

Last weekend, I traveled to Austin, Texas. I was competing in Olympic Weight Lifting Nationals. After 4 months of hard training, here I was among the best. “If I’m here, then that means I’m one of the best.” I thought repeatedly. I kept trying to wrap my head around this fact, because I hadn’t ever … [Read more…]

Redefining Success

Making a good batch of soap can take about 5 hours. Once that’s done, it takes another 6 weeks to cure.  This is where the soap settles into its final shape, color, and aroma. It’s definitely a labor of love…NOT for the weak, lazy, or impatient! When soap fails, you’ve basically wasted a huge chunk … [Read more…]

Summer 2016 and Olympic Lifting

We’ve all experienced those days when our necks ache from sitting at a desk and our legs fall asleep from hours of sitting down.  Since August, that’s been my life.  I’ve been in a classroom, listening to my teachers lecture for nine months.  That was followed by too much homework and not enough sleep. I’m … [Read more…]

Getting Brought Home in a Police Car

If you learn from your mistakes, and face the consequences, you most likely won’t make the same ones later in life. Recently, I encountered a situation that I will never put myself in again. I was unaware of the consequences, and I wasn’t taking into consideration those around me. I was laying in bed last … [Read more…]

Track Season On The Sidelines

As Track season comes to a close, I put my spikes away for next year, and cheer my teammates on as they continue to state. Wishing I could go myself, I sit on the sidelines and watch as all my friends make personal records and qualify for finals. Why am I not sprinting full speed … [Read more…]

A New Continent And New Friends!

A few weeks ago I returned from my grand trip across the Atlantic Ocean. I’ve been frantic about catching up. I suffered a week of jet lag, and still managed to get myself up at 5:30. I’d get up and go to school, track practice, and then homework, food, and sleep. Saponification and cutting for … [Read more…]

Freshman Routine: Earn What You Put In

Every morning I wake up at 6:00. I catch the school bus at 6:45. My routine is the same. The alarm goes off and I cringe. It’s a sound I dread. My feet touch the cold bathroom floor. I wash my face and prepare myself to confront yet another day trying to understand DNA, reproduction, … [Read more…]

Life Outside of Soap Making

Ask my dad for the weekly soap recipe.  Make the lye.  Weigh the fat blend.  Mix to trace.  Add essential oil.  Pour into molds.  Cure, cut, package, ship.  That’s pretty much my life when making soaps.  It’s routine.  My life in high school, however, is not so routine.  Sometimes it gets messy. I just finished … [Read more…]

Charging Forward

Motivation is the desire or willingness of someone to achieve something. This is what we use to achieve goals. Whether the goal be as simple as finishing a chapter in a book, or as difficult as landing on the moon. Being surrounded by people who are determined to achieve the same thing as you, can … [Read more…]

Washing Away a Bad Day

Just taking a shower can wash away a bad day, especially with your favorite soap bar.  This is my first time making soap.  I’m helping Lily. Going through the slow process, I had time to think about my hardships with my mom.  I’ve found that at the end of the day, a shower helped me … [Read more…]