You Can Eat My Soap

We need to know where our products are coming from! You wouldn’t use an unknown substance on your body just because it has a “lotion” label on it. You wouldn’t drink bleach just because it had a “soda” label on it.   When it comes to large companies such as Bath and Body Works, Dove, … [Read more…]

High School Dropout… Almost

Rise and Shine Soapers, It is where I spend all my time, that I feel like an alien. I do not belong, nor am I comfortable or put in my right mindset. My veins run with anger and annoyance. My temper is always on edge, and my attitude is sharp. High school is one pain … [Read more…]

I Should be “Drug Tested!?”

I went to school bright and early this morning. I walked out during my third class. I text my dad to come get me. My teachers think I am a bad kid that needs to be “drug tested” for not paying attention. Plus, apparently, I was “giving up” halfway through the school day…My dad said, … [Read more…]

Store-Bought Soap Attacks Hormones?

When it comes to my lifting competitions, making weight is the first step..and I do that by avoiding sugar and chemicals in my food. Most of my peers are always talking about calories or fat, never the real things causing massive weight gain. My dad taught me, “If it tastes sweet spit it out and … [Read more…]

Putting A Pitbull in a Headlock

Last night, I put a pit bull in a headlock. It was viciously attacking a fluffy cat. I could feel the dog’s muscles flexing to break my grips. Out of nowhere, another dog joined the fight.  I started crying. I shoved the rabid beast against the wall with my foot.  One locked in my arms, the … [Read more…]

Lock Up Johnson and Johnson

Women in their 40s are dying from ovarian cancer due to products made by Johnson and Johnson…Two years ago they were taken to court. That means, girls my age are losing their moms! Is anyone paying attention??? I will not let a soap bar, baby powder, or shampoo take my family’s pride and joy, or … [Read more…]

Start Now

“How can I be better today?” I’m sure that most of us ask ourselves something along that line pretty often, because who doesn’t wanna be the best they can be? All my life, my parents have pushed me to be better but what exactly does ‘better’ mean? I was scrolling through my twitter feed New … [Read more…]

Entrepreneurship: How To Figure It Out!

Teaching Lily how to make soap independently and efficiently took about a year, then another year of shadowing her.  She’s a quick learn so it was easy and fun. Teaching her about entrepreneurship, will take much longer.  To understand and negotiate all the moving parts takes a keen eye, diligence, patience and long hours.  To … [Read more…]


The average life expectancy is 82 years. Everyone walking the earth is breathing, but not everyone is living. Many get distracted by little, worthless tasks. I think this prevents our society from taking the time to grow to their full potential…I’ve experienced it first hand. A phone and social media is a massive distraction…At times, … [Read more…]

Competing at Weight Lifting Nationals 2016!

Last weekend, I traveled to Austin, Texas. I was competing in Olympic Weight Lifting Nationals. After 4 months of hard training, here I was among the best. “If I’m here, then that means I’m one of the best.” I thought repeatedly. I kept trying to wrap my head around this fact, because I hadn’t ever … [Read more…]