Located in the heart of Cave Creek, sits the small coffee shop and bar that introduced me into the working world. The quaint, local shop sits perched on a little hill. After a rainstorm, the patio glistens in the sunlight, as droplets of water slide to the ground and drip from the trees. I was … [Read more…]


It is finally Friday, and I couldn’t be more relieved. This week was crazy! As my first week back to school after winter break, teachers will not stop harassing me. I get yelled at for everything!!  I cannot go to the bathroom, when I need to pee. I cannot get out of my seat, without … [Read more…]

He Washed His Truck With My Soap?!?!

Daily, I get asked the same question – “What can I use your soap for?” You can use my soap for literally anything…. Seriously !! Check it out – I got an email from one of you!  “Lily, I have really enjoyed your soap. I seem to now use it for almost everything.  I keep … [Read more…]


This morning, I woke up earlier than all of my siblings… except one! Sitting in a giant LoveSac a million times bigger than him, Skyler just stared at me with the urgency of question. He never stops talking, and his curiosity soars higher than the tallest mountain peak. Yesterday, my mom took my twin cousins … [Read more…]


Last November, I hopped on a plane to Mexico. I did not return for a month.  I could hear the water from the bay curling under itself. We had been under the same night sky for weeks. The coyotes howled me to sleep like the lullabies my dad used to sing when I got sick.  … [Read more…]


3… 2… 1…  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! As I wave 2018 goodbye, I welcome 2019 with open arms. This is going to be the biggest year of my life. This year is going to be, HUGE!! I will be packing my bags, leaving my family, and beginning a life of my own. 2018 allowed me to … [Read more…]

We Can Do Better

Everyday I ask myself “How can I be better today?” I am sure that most of us ask ourselves something along that line pretty often, because who doesn’t wanna be the best they can be? All my life, my parents have pushed me to be better but what exactly does ‘better’ mean? I was scrolling … [Read more…]

You Can Eat My Soap

We need to know where our products are coming from! You wouldn’t use an unknown substance on your body just because it has a “lotion” label on it. You wouldn’t drink bleach just because it had a “soda” label on it.   When it comes to large companies such as Bath and Body Works, Dove, … [Read more…]

High School Dropout… Almost

Rise and Shine Soapers, It is where I spend all my time, that I feel like an alien. I do not belong, nor am I comfortable or put in my right mindset. My veins run with anger and annoyance. My temper is always on edge, and my attitude is sharp. High school is one pain … [Read more…]

I Should be “Drug Tested!?”

I went to school bright and early this morning. I walked out during my third class. I text my dad to come get me. My teachers think I am a bad kid that needs to be “drug tested” for not paying attention. Plus, apparently, I was “giving up” halfway through the school day…My dad said, … [Read more…]