Entrepreneurship: How To Figure It Out!

Teaching Lily how to make soap independently and efficiently took about a year, then another year of shadowing her.  She’s a quick learn so it was easy and fun. Teaching her about entrepreneurship, will take much longer.  To understand and negotiate all the moving parts takes a keen eye, diligence, patience and long hours.  To … [Read more…]

Redefining Success

Making a good batch of soap can take about 5 hours. Once that’s done, it takes another 6 weeks to cure.  This is where the soap settles into its final shape, color, and aroma. It’s definitely a labor of love…NOT for the weak, lazy, or impatient! When soap fails, you’ve basically wasted a huge chunk … [Read more…]

Slow Down To Get Ahead

Like crafting a story out of thin air, soap making is a delicate process of creation. Do it wrong, it can ruin someones day. Unused Lye scars skin. Do it right, it can make the day. Good soap is an escape during a routine shower. When I taught Lily how to make soap, I stressed … [Read more…]